How do I explain to my boyfriend that I don't think I'm pretty?

My boyfriend always says I'm pretty. Everyone always says I'm pretty actually. I don't think I am though. I just don't see it. And my boyfriend always argues with me about whether I'm pretty or not. How do I explain to him that I don't think I'm pretty?
Asked Jul 13, 2014
Edited Jul 13, 2014
Haha believe me EVERYONE on this planet feels this way from time to time. I certainly do at times. If everyone thinks your pretty, including your boyfriend, well I'm sure you are. If this doesn't convince you enough, well what are the things that you don't like about yourself? If it's something like your weight, hair, etc that can all be fixed. If it's something like you nose WELL hate to break it to you but that's permanent, unless you want to invest in plastic surgery. Anyways, we all feel this way at times and I'm sure you are beautiful. I guess if you REALLY want to talk to your boyfriend about this, give him examples. Also, keep in kind some of the things we hate MOST about our appearance, is what attracts people the most.
Answered Jul 15, 2014

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