Do people see the mirror you.?

Okay, So I asked my brother his opinion, And I did Multi experiments, From taking pictures (selfies) from looking into the mirror, From getting 2 mirrors and putting 1 90 degrees, From taking a picture in the mirror and flipping it horizontally (on my computer in paint) etc. And my brother said I look more of the mirror me.. Even if I took a picture in the mirror and flipped it horizontally, or if I took a selfie, (Witch those 2 I look complete ugly.. the mirror 1 I look pretty good..) people say you look more of your picture you.. but I'm REALLY confused.. what do people see you as ... ? He says I look 95% of my mirror self (95 instead of 100 cause the mirror doesn't pick up these blue spots or whatever under my eyes as much as in person, but other than that 100%) I hope I don't look like my picture me, But he's younger and he says I look more of the mirror me... Which 1 is the true vision that people see you as...? Thanks! :)
Asked Jul 13, 2014

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