Candy melts

Help!! I have to make a cake with blood dripping down the top and sides , I have seen a cake made with red candy melts I am just wondering would it be too runny , should I mix anything with the candy melts? Also does the cake have to be refrigerated once it has the melted candy melts on? Thanks :-)
Asked Jul 11, 2014
Hi! I'm an amateur cake decorator myself, and I understand your problem! I have experience with this myself. If you are using candy melts, melt them and then drip. They will solidify by themselves. If you want to throw it in the fridge, go ahead, but your candy melts MIGHT crack and be brittle. If you take white melting chocolate (I like Ghirardelli) and put Wilton red food coloring (not water based - oil based or else your chocolate will clump and be REALLY bad) and drizzle it over the sides that should work too. It's also tasty! Sounds like a cool cake! I'd love to see it! :D

If you've never worked with chocolate, watch this YouTube video on tempering and different types of chocolate. :)
(This is a really good channel if you are into watching cake decorating) ;)
Answered Jan 09, 2016
I want ti make it but I don't know how to make it.
Answered Jun 20, 2016

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