So last night I took about 100 mg of methylphenidate by mistake

so last night I took about 100 mg of methylphenidate by mistake thinking it was the 5mg tablets well the feeling that the pill gave me was about 100x as strong it didn't hurt and I just felt so intensely focused that I actually wrote a 11 page front and back review of a game to my friend over steam, after about 6-7 hours of nonstop typing to my friend I didn't realize got off like 3 hours ago I got up and looked at the clock noticing it was 6 or 7am and I wasnt tired I walked out to get breakfast long story short I figured out I took 4-5 27 mg tablets all in one sitting they were the ones that slowly let off the medicen. I was midly concerned but I didn't feek out because I felt fine , so I started goggling OD on it, I read alot of forms and stuff about extreme amounts being dangerous. I dont feel worried and quite franky im just very focused and zoned out but I got a spook when they said that one of the symptoms of ODing was cold sweats and dehydration, after evaluatingmy body those are the only signs I seem to be showing, should I be worried even though I don't feel bad and I feel like im coming down?

Or should I flip **** and have my dad take me to ER right now.
Asked Jul 05, 2014

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