Which way round do the two batteries in my Renault Megane key fob go?

Hello. I have had my Megane relatively problem free for over 3 years now. The battery is dying on the key fob and so I have removed the cover to put in a replacement I bought only to discover it needs two batteries.(didn't read the manual properly) As I was not expecting this I was so busy cussing myself for being a fool I didn't pay attention to which way around both batteries were in the key before I took them out and there is nothing written on either side of the plastic to state which way up both batteries are supposed to be inside. Do they both sit + side up or would they need to be alternate ways? Sorry it is a stupid question but at the moment I am without a key and do not dare try and open the door to use the car with just the key manually because I am sure both the immobiliser will kick in and not let me start it and the alarm will go off so I am just going to wait for another battery to arrive here and then replace them both and hope for the best. Just need to make sure I put them in the right way. Nothing is written in the manuals about this just "put in new batteries". With two new batteries in there will the infra red button start working once they are in the right way? At the moment I am not getting any light from it but it could just be that the batteries have finally given in altogether!! Thank you
Asked Jul 05, 2014

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