Why am I always deep in thought?

for as long as I can remember i've been an intense thinker, WHY? every minute of every day i'm always thinking deep thoughts, I always have something going on in my mind and I hate it, i'm always asking questions in my mind that can never be answered, it's usally things like problems that could occur, problems that have occurred, if there's any point to life, I need a way to stop it before I go insane, I just want to relax for once
Asked Jul 02, 2014
Why do you wanna stop thinking?thinking doesn't hurt us,but if you wanna get rid of,listen to music,talk to your friends,don't let yourself have a second to think about bad happening
Answered Jul 23, 2014
Try guided relaxation to start.

It's basically a beginner way to meditate, eventually you will be able to calm your mind enough to meditate on your own, whenever you want.
Answered Jun 01, 2016

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