How to get over someone who hurt you

Right I'm asking on behalf of a friend (Leah) Leah was seeing someone called (Sarah) Sarah has a girlfriend (Helen) Sarah was cheating on her girlfriend Helen with Leah behind Helens back, (not just with her but with others too) Leah is finding it very hard to move on cause Sarah keeps texting her and meeting her (they can't stop contact cause Leah and Helen were friend before) but Sarah is just using Leah and telling her everything she wants to hear like that she will leave her girlfriend for Leah and that they will be together which is obviously making it a lot harder for Leah to move on Leah grits to a point where she wants to tell her to go away and leave her alone then Sarah comes and says what she wants to hear and gets sucked back into her lies again. I just want to help her move on and get over Sarah as it's dragging her down and she's not herself, she's close to telling Helen what's happened but due to some personal reasons to do with Helen she can't ATM but even if she did I'm scared Sarah and Helen will split then Sarah will come crawling back to Leah and try to be with her.... Me and Leah both know she's better off without her but what can I do and say to help her move on? Thanks in advance..
Asked Jun 29, 2014
If someone is cheatin on you,, they definitely dont love you truely! For Helen, it is her right to know shez being cheated by her gf.. Leah may tell her to get over it. And learn to backoff when all you know is the other person is just tryin on you and is not serious. You have to move on Leah.. :) hope it helped
Answered Jun 29, 2014
Thanks I'm trying to get Leah to move on just think that if Leah tells helen and Helen and Sarah split then Sarah might try to be a couple with Leah and tel her everything she wants to hear and it'll mess her head up more?

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