Am I crazy to be uncomfortable with my husband helping his female boss move?

My husband works with a group of people he is incredibly close with. They are like family to each other and thus, often share the intimate details of their lives. He often comes home telling me about one of his work superiors' stories of her divorce. On a daily basis she confides in him about the tumultuous home-life she is having while still residing with her ex during her divorce. She is going through an absolutely horrendous divorce with an emotionally abusive man. She, along with her children, are in the process of moving out (a great move for her, in my opinion).

The tricky part comes in with how she acts around my husband. On the two occasions I have met her, she has been strange and distant towards me. At one point, jokingly pouring water on me at a company picnic. Many of the workers were pouring water on each other, but I felt the move was in poor taste (though I did my best to act as though it was all a joke). The second time I meet her at a friend's wedding, she routinely is making funny faces at husband from across tables...again, distant with me.

Now she has asked coworkers to help her move and I've asked my husband to please refrain. He insists she just needs help and he wants to be a good guy, even saying I can join them and help her in the move. I trust my husband completely, no question of that, but am I okay for feeling not okay with it? For asking him to please not help? I feel forced into either being okay with it, or being crazy and coming to help her.
Asked Jun 27, 2014
yea, you're totally right.
She seems stupid yet serious about your husband but she might also be trying to get funny. (which looked ugly instead of funny)
Tell her to keep away from your hubby.
And keep an eye on your guy. (wow it rhymed *_*)
Answered Jun 28, 2014

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