What do cathford group credit personal loan? do they offer good interest rates?

I'm interested to know about personal loan and what are it's benefits..
Asked Jun 24, 2014
A personal loan allows any consumer to get a cash loan. Usually, the borrower gets a certain loan amount (the principal) from a lender and pays it back with additional cost (interest rate including any loan fees). Repayments are done in regular installments over the stipulated loan period. Personal loans can be often unsecured, that is, they do not ask the consumer to put up a collateral asset (such as a deed of ownership to a car or a home).
Answered Jun 24, 2014
A personal loan has higher interest rates than secured loans like a home-equity loan, but you are not required to put up any collateral to ensure repayment. Definition: A personal loan is an unsecured loan, meaning the borrower does not put up any collateral or security to guarantee the repayment of the loan.
Answered Jun 25, 2014
A loan, whether a personal loan or another type of loan, is typically used to finance a large, one-time purchase or expense. The borrower is given all the money at once and agrees to pay back a certain amount per month until the debt is repaid. The monthly payment includes both principal (the amount you borrowed) and interest.
Answered Jun 25, 2014
An amount given to an individual to use for personal benefit that must be paid off at a specified time.
Answered Jun 26, 2014
Consumer loan granted for personal (medical), family (education, vacation), or household (extension, repairs, purchase of air conditioner, computer, refrigerator, etc.) use, as opposed to business or commercial use. Such loans are either unsecured, or secured by the asset purchased or by a co-signor (guarantor). Unsecured loans (called signature loans) are advanced on the basis of the borrower's credit-history and ability to repay the loan from personal income. Repayment is usually through fixed amount installments over a fixed term. Also called consumer loan.
Answered Jun 27, 2014
well, personal loans carry repayment periods ranging from several months to a years or even two years. It will help you start a journey toward financial recovery, rather than set you on an endless spiral of more debt and despair. For more info visit us...http://goo.gl/ZVQJsE
Answered Dec 25, 2014
Edited Dec 25, 2014

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