Is it legal to bring a gurkha kukri into the usa (california) from the uk?

I have been given a Gurkha Kukri by my father, inherited from my late grandfather, I am planning on migrating to California and I am wondering if it is legal for me to bring the Kukri, If it is legal to own a Kukri in California, and what the best methods are, thanks.
Asked Jun 22, 2014
Yup! It is legal to bring a gurkha kukri into the USA. It is only illegal to carry fixed-blade knifes if they are concealed. The problem is that many municipalities have rules concerning open carry of fixed-blade knives, and you can expect the police to harass or even arrest you if you try this, even if you're not breaking any laws. So my advice is to leave kukri at your home.
Answered Jul 22, 2014
Edited Jul 22, 2014

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