Does an Ouija Board (Spirit Board ; spirit game) works? How? Please please help.

An ouija board is the one that you wrote letters and numbrs on and take the planchette or a coin and put your finger lightly on the coin and dim lights and be calm. And ask questions. And a spirit answers (By moving coin over letters to make words). Is it really a spirit or just the person moving the coin by themselves ???
I tried it. It worked !! Felt like a magnet was dragging it ?? :o
So is it really a spirit or us moving our fingers ??????????
Asked Jun 22, 2014
I don't know I never tried one :/ my firends say it's your head that makes you feel that magnet like feel maybe they are spririts I don't know
Answered Jun 22, 2014
Ohkay. Thanks !!

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