Why can't I stop thinking about her?

I am a 14 year old girl and for the past three years, ever since I have started middle school I can not stop thinking about my best friend from elementary school. It's not that I think about her all the time, sometimes I go days or weeks then all of a sudden she returns to my thoughts and then I forget. I haven't talked to her for two years and once I saw her in a store but I was to scared to even say hello to her.... I not sure if I just miss having my best friend with me or that I have developed romantic feelings for her.
Asked Jun 17, 2014
You may just miss having your friend. I'm 26 but still think about my childhood friends! We haven't spoken in years and haven't seen each other since school, but they are still on my mind. Perhaps you could find your friend through a social networking site (i.e. facebook) to say hi. Sometimes that's all it takes. :)
Answered Jun 17, 2014
It could be that you miss her like remembering old things and wanting to jump back in your memories if you start thinking about kissing or being in a relationship with her it could be a phase or not but next time you see her maybe reach for the same snack she is grabbing (don't lunge toward the same snack just like walk maybe near not to close to her and reach to were she is reaching acting like a mistake ) and say "sorry [insert name]? It's been a while [!possible!short convo][or just a simple "ya"] nice seeing you bye" then just grab the bag of chips and walk out and maybe next time drop somthing and get her to help you and maybe start a lil convo and you could be best friends again
Answered Jun 18, 2014

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