My period came two weeks early?! HELP!

So I've been feeling tired & sick for the last few days. I was sure it wasn't my period be because it isn't supposed to come until the start of July. Right now it's June 17th & I got it this morning. In a way, I'm relieved because I go to California next week & I did NOT want to have to have it there. But I'm also scared.. Why did it come so early? Is there something wrong? I don't want to have to go to the doctor. I asked my mom & she said it's normal because I'm 14 years old. But I've had it for 4 years now.. & I've rarely had an irregular one.. Can anyone tell me? I'm really scared.. Thank you. (:
Asked Jun 17, 2014
there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes a change in diet, sleep, exercise, or lifestyle can change your period. it's nothing to worry about and hey at least you know your not pregnant.
Answered Jun 17, 2014
I agree with Sammymaroon101 you got your period it's okay somtimes it just starts early just be happy my friend who is irregular has to always wear pads :/ Becuase she it's to irregular but I'm sure your fine
Answered Jun 18, 2014

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