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My girlfriend promised she never watched porn, but whenever we have sex or talk dirty she tells me all these new ideas and what not, does it mean she watches porn?
Asked Jun 14, 2014
I don't think she watches porn if she doesn't say she does. Trust her, because that's what you do in a relationship. She could be lying, but I would still trust her, because things could get very messy if you don't. Hope this helped a little :)
Answered Jun 14, 2014
Haha thanks a lot 👌
Jbags1 Jun 14, 2014
Well, she could be lying, but that doesn't mean she watches it really. You can get ideas from reading about it and she could make up her own ideas about it. You should trust her for now. Hope I helped!
Answered Jun 17, 2014
It doesn't mean she watches porn. sex is something that comes built-in in a person :P and in today's world who doesn't know about it?
Answered Jun 18, 2014
Yes she probably watching porn... answer my question please
Answered Jun 18, 2014
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Answered Sep 02, 2015
Not necessarily, how do you know that maybe she doesn't have just a little more experience then you? maybe she's been around the neighborhood more then once if you know what I mean! It's a very good possibility that she learned young, I mean I've heard of girls as young as 8 years old becoming sexual with boys and men, so if that might be why she's a little more sexually educated then yourself don't let it get you down because there is really nothing unusual about that.
Answered Feb 04, 2016
My boyfriend doesn't mind me watching pornographic films ,when he goes out I put on white stockings high heels and a tight short dress. I'm 5,10 slim with long mousey hair and a 33dd breast ,all real of course I don't wear no knickers or bra under the dress either ,once I've dressed up I go into the front room put a porn film on and sit back on the sofa. It turns me on watching two girls fucking a hot guy and playing with each other ,I open my legs and slidem y hand over my stockings and up to my warm pussy ,this is the first time I've told any one this and it's making me nervous but excited sharing what we do ,I slowly start to rub my clit to get it wet and push my fingers inside watching the man in the film fucking these two sexy girls ,I grab my fone and text my boyfriend to come home ,when he does he creeps in the door and watches me fingering myself with my legs wide open and my dress above my pussy ,I know he's there and it makes me more exited and I raise my arse of the sofa and finger myself so hard my legs shake as I come ,he says it's erotic watching a woman play with herself knowing that someone is watching ,we have talked about trying this in a park or pub somewhere and let other men and women see me in a short skirt with no knickers on and see what happens ,my pussy is throbbing just from telling you about it,let me know your thoughts ,I'm open minded,so I won't be offended,but flattered ,Kerry xx
Answered Feb 27, 2016

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