Howcome I am attracted to my teachers when they are wearing dresses?

I believe to have been attracted to my teachers in the past. Although when they wear dresses it feels rather different. I'm in Year 9 and the other day we were in Food Technology. One of my previous LSA's (Learning Support Assistants) was wearing a dress (this was due to the heat). After I had washed my hands I was about to put my apron on. She had offered to tie it up for me considering that I couldn't do it myself and I ended up getting a semi erection.

This occurred a second time on Friday. Another LSA was helping out in English and was wearing a dress with similar colour and style as the other one (style indicates that they were covering the legs). She was evaluating me for my reading. I had no difficulty with talking to her, although I had gotten another semi erection.

The reason that I have asked this question is so I may be able to find anybody who may have an explanation for these semi erections occurring as well as the reason for my attraction towards my teachers when they are wearing dresses.

P.S: I do of course understand that it was the appropriate attire to wear given that these were hot days. I'd say that I can not really explain the reason for this attraction.

Thank you for anyone who may have a reasonable explanation.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jun 13, 2014
Sounds like something rather normal to me. It's part of being human; when we see someone of the other gender (or whatever a person's preference) in something that flatters their attributes, we're wired to notice it because positive, healthy, attractive attributes indicate the potential of a healthy partner to mate with. We all have urges at some point, it doesn't make us animalistic or hormone-driven, its just our biology; no shame about it. I think that unless this is becoming a point that it seriously interferes with your work or causes you to seek out sexual relations with your teachers, you have nothing to worry about. in the past I've been attracted to male teachers, but that's all it was, biological, innate attraction; I never acted on it in any way.

Best of luck!
Answered Jun 21, 2014

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