What is the diet of endometriosis patients?

Endometriosis is one of the most common gynecological diseases. It is refers to the organization which is supposed to growth in the endometrial cavity, but unexpected reproduce out of it. The symptoms of endometriosis sometimes are not consistent with its severity. The patients with severe clinical symptoms may be got mild disease. At the same time, the diet that patients can eat becomes a popular question for the majority. So what the diet that endometriosis patient should pay attention to?

Patients with endometriosis should avoid all the cold foods. You should pay special attention to avoid the hot soup, vegetables and cold food before or after menstruation.

2. Grains, beans and potato are the staple food. They are all benefit to our body, so you can take it as you like.

3. The fat and greasy food can easy to stagnation and stasis in the body. In this case, less eating would be better for them. And the light food is more appropriate for patients with endometriosis.

4. Dried fruit can be eaten at any time. Dried fruit have the effect of health preserving and promoting blood circulation. Walnut holds the nature of yang, which can take away the dampness in your body. While Jujube and longan benefit qi and nourish blood. So when you get the endometriosis, this kind of food will be more applicable.

5. Poultry, livestock, eggs, milk, fish and shellfish in general are edible. For those with weak blood, the food above is superior in reinforcing qi and nourishing blood. Snails, clams, crab, turtle are belongs to the cold nature food, one should less eating.

Food with the function of tonifying deficiency should be eaten more,because these kind of food can help to promote qi and alleviate the pain. Endometriosis with blood deficiency are particularly suitable. 
7. Among vegetables, endometriosis patients must pay attention to the oilseed rape, shepherd's purse, amaranth, seaweed, cucumber, gourd, melon, eggplant, leek white, bamboo shoots, lotus root and so on, because they all the cold nature food. You can eat a little before and after menstruation as well, but the non-raw food is forbidden. Fistular onion stalk can relieve the cold and dampness, dredge liver and meridian and fungus can activate blood, it is useful for the patients.

The diet can make benefit for the patients with endometriosis, but all in all, what the best way to treat it?

Wuhan Dr.lee recommends the Chinese medicine Fuyan pill. Fuyan Pill is the result of more than 30 year's experiences. It is made of about 40 kinds of herbs. Like the bupleurum, Chinese angelica, bighead atractylodes rhizome, honey suckle flower and so on. It can promote blood circulation and Qi, which makes the self-healing ability and curative effect wonderful. It is goes with out side effect and commonly, the endometriosis can be cured about 3-4 months.

Asked Jun 12, 2014

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