Bad sun burn peeling on face and poison oak covering legs?

Hello, so its summer and I want to run/ jog 3 miles everyday. Thing is I just got back from camping and came back with poison oak covering me I have it all over my legs and all over my stomach . To make things worse I have a bad burn on my face and its starting to peel so I resemble a snake shedding its skin. I dont want to delay my running any longer considering I dont have very long to run. I was wondering if im ok to run ? Or if I should wait 1-3 more days ? I defiantly dont need it to spread any farther . Its already at my upper thighs so that wouldent be very good im on a medicine I just got today from my doctor thats suppose to help but I dont want to wait ten days . Any suggestions ?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jun 10, 2014

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