I love a girl, but her parents don't want me around. at all?

I'm 17 years old and I know it sounds cheesy... but i'm in love. I've done everything right until her parents found out im schitzophraenic. I would never, ever hurt the girl I love but that is reason enough that they have given me papers saying I can never be on their property ever. She can only half-heartedly disobey her parents and we have a whole summer to get through without talking or seeing eachother whatsoever. Two days ago when we could still text, she told me she would wait for me and this did not make her think any differently. I am very romantic and have done cute things our whole relationship like give her cute love notes and slow danced with her under the stars. The other night I went and threw rocks at her window, but got caught. Im so deathly afraid she will be done seeing me, but that is something as a human I could get over. My problem is waiting 3 months just to see that she had no intentions of waiting another full year before we turn 18... She isn't sex crazy or even that driven for a relationship since I am basically her first so I'm not worried about her finding another guy her parents would approve of (which should be me BTW I have a 4.0 GPA a steady job 29 on my ACT and am looking towards a good college). I guess I'm just worried she will think that I moved on or take too much of what her parents say about me to heart. Any advice? Thank you so much.
Asked Jun 07, 2014

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