My freind is 33 & I am 20 why is she treating me like I'm her child

Ok so I have so many issues that I tell her about
Self harm anxiety depression mental disorders, she tells me stuff to so it isn't one sided
She cares about me a lot, She is the first person I ever trusted to talk to and the first person I let hug me, for the longest time she wanted to and tried to hug me and like comfort me when I was upset, but I wouldn't let her near me I kept a barrier between us.
But finally one day I let her hug me and that started a whole new level of things like she started to care more,she always bosses me around and tells me not to do things, gets upset with me when I don't go to class ECt. She is also very protective and doesn't want me doing anything stupid.
and if I don't talk to her for a few days she texts or calls me, are you ok? And literally I asked her why she does that because it kinda annoying, but at the same time it makes me feel good.
She said she gets worried about me and just wants to talk to me, she even convinced me to see a therapist so I did and I found this girl she is real good,i let her talk to my therapist
I would never let my mom talk to my therapist I don't trust her, I don't let my mom in on any of my problems, but I love her very much but if I tell her then the whole family knows.
My therapist told me that because my Freind is older and can't have kids she is taking me under her wing and feels like I'm her responsibility to protect and her child!
I could not believe that but it does kinda seem true, I don't know how I feel about it I kinda want to pull away but I think that would make it worse why do u guys think she treats me this way and how do I stop it, I don't want another mom, and she ain't even old enough to be my mother!
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Asked Jun 04, 2014
Edited Jun 04, 2014
poor you! just tell her to back off a little
Answered Jan 10, 2015

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