Why don't my parents trust me?

I have never done anything really bad. It's like they are trying to find every mistake I make. For example my parents won't let me use my computer in my room, and they even have parental controls on my computer so I couldn't do anything bad if I wanted to. They also won't let me get a phone because "I'm not responsible enough" I'm not sure what to do and I could desperately use some advice. Please help
Asked Jun 01, 2014
Maybe they dont like that you are growing up or they live in fear that maybe one day you will do something. Or maybe its both. 0.o
Either way, try talking to them and say that you feel like they dont trust you. Tell them what you just told us.
Answered Jun 01, 2014
MY parents were also very overprotective apparently I wasn't allowed to be friends with a Jewish person -.- she might think you'll get in trouble I mean it depends on your age if your in middle school and stuff your exposed to people saying they f'd b&tches or somthing(well were I am located) I think they don't want the internet to make you bad or they don't want you looking up naked guys or somthing well in middle school (I'm guessing in your area they have maturation in middle school) they are gonna show you about the human body I mean people now will tell you that they had sex with multiple people I mean what are you gonna do with a phone? (With no internet just for calls and text) you gonna transfer bomb codes or somthing? Just sit them Down. And tell them your growing up and wish they weren't so overprotective and that everyone makes mistakes
Answered Jun 02, 2014

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