Everyone treats me like I am the stupidest person on earth

I am entop of my class but one day somone was talking about death note and I said light loves apples (it should be ryuk loves apples) everyone laughed and now there like "Hey.....how........are.........you" it annoys me and once they put me in the special ed room and said go in every with the other retards some kids crude and I comforted them then they said "stay here with your ugly ass fuck reatards bye" (the teacher wasn't there -,-) how do it stop this >:( they act like animals that's why I choose this catergory
Asked May 29, 2014
Who cares about them and I agree with hooversrights
rcr12 May 31, 2014
You know what? You need to tell them to STOP because I have jerks like them at my school. You should tell a teacher or something or hardcore stand up for yourself because they're the ones who should be called stupid and ugly.
Answered May 29, 2014
I do that but the kids are like "I'm never did that I just she is making it up" they are on the honor role and help teachers after school :/
The special Eds kids who were there are just like "they are nice to us she's LIEING" Becuase they want to fit in with them and become popular with them
Becuase the special ed kids swallowed to much cum
Jb_4eva May 29, 2014
You're everywhere Jb_4eva.
Ya I'm just teaching people about how good cum can heal you
Jb_4eva May 30, 2014

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