My friends constantly and deliberately leave me out.

I am in high school and I have 3 best friends. We always hang out with each other and have done so since year 7. I am considered the quiet one, I barely say anything and when I do there is usually a awkward silence. My friends are in a band together but didn't tell me, they had actually been in a band since year 7. They always planned trips to go shopping, sleepovers or go to each other's houses without me. I feel so depressed and upset. I've never been good at making friends, in primary school I was always picked on and bullied. The friend which I had, I wouldn't consider a friend since we never talked about me, just her life. Usually on social networks like facebook they will post pics of them together as their profile pic and update statuses with them tagged in. But not one of them have I ever been tagged into. Sometimes I think about leaving the group but there is nowhere for me to go if I do leave. If I ever talk they always ignore me, but if the same thing was to come out of one of their mouths they would laugh or listen. One of them does care about me and always asks me how I am but sometimes I think that it's just a mask.

Please help I don't know what to do anymore, I'm so confused and upset!!
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked May 26, 2014

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