What are some apps you can listen and record music and post it?

So I heard of this app Next, and I was going to get it but, it was for iOS7 and later. And I have iOS6. So I still wanted something similar to it. I want to record music and post it and listen to other music on the app. Or possibly a website, but I'd much rather have an app. Because I need people to actually tell me if I'm a good singer and I have no idea how to post it here on ehelp. Please help me!
Asked May 25, 2014
Answered May 25, 2014
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you again sooo much!!
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Did you like Wake Me Up by aviici? I want to know if I got the right person lol! :)
Yay I found you!!
Spotify and Bearshare
Answered Jun 05, 2014

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