Would you have done this and was I wrong for speaking up?

would you have done this and was I wrong for speaking up?

i went out to eat with some coworkers...and while I was eating I noticed my italian sausage was pink, so I went up the counter and let the manager know.... she went back to the cook and the cook said thats how its supposed to be, I said no, I cook all the time, my sausage is brown aka all the way done...she said ill give you your money back I said thank you, mean while my co workers CEO , manager etc were looking at me in embarrassment....wth, if something is wrong arent you supposed to say something....or are you just suppose to sit there like a pushover fool and eat raw meat? ....i dont eat raw meat or rare meat especially pork .... what would you have done?
Asked May 15, 2014
You did the right thing. They were ripping you off and potentially putting you in danger of bacteria from under cooked food.
Answered May 15, 2014
thx! since my boss paid for the food, I gave him his money back, he looked at me embarrassed...I hate stupid people

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