Friend finds a new friend

im ignoring her she dosent know why , can someone be that dumb.
Asked May 15, 2014
Why get so worked up she can be your friend still don't treat her like a toy and not share her she is a human being. Stop ignoring her and don't think her new friend is going to replace you I got in this situation before to. Maybe ask your friend to have a playdate and talk about how you feel. don't be mean just because your angry
Answered Jan 03, 2016
this girl is dynamic outer enviroment. you cannot control what she does but you can control your own reaction to the situation by giving her the insincere gesture of kindness. you need to be objective. perhaps you need to join some new groups or find other ways to make new friends, in the event that she no longer wants you. plan, decide, and act, based upon being the objective realist as opposed to the romanto-intellectualist. don't just sit there and remain in duality. even if you decide temporarily not to decide about where this relationship is going, at least broaden you horizons a bit for the time being.
Answered Jan 03, 2016

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