My dick is the exact same size of a iphone4 and im 13 os that good?

Don't find me stupid but one day I was currious about how long is my dick.. im 13 years old and yes I have pubic hair but voice din't change yet. Im asking about the inches tall of an iphone4. How many inches is normal for a 13 year old and turning 14 this september! And how long the iphone 4 is (tall) thanks my dick is like a mushroom on top think its for skin do girl like that?
Asked May 13, 2014
An iPhone 4 is 4.55 inches tall. The 'mushroom' top you're talking about is normal, if you have been circumcised it's always visual. Anyone who's circumcised it's always visible. If you aren't circumcised you have foreskin, and the 'mushroom' top is under the foreskin. You're still going through puberty, so your genitals will continue to grow for a few more years. Don't worry about any of this right now, you're thirteen. Honestly, don't ever worry about it unless it's affecting your health. Girls will like you for you, if they don't, and worry about how you look down there, they aren't the right girl.
Answered May 15, 2014

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