Do you think I am pregnant

My skin is beaking out im depressed but show no signs of being pregnant other than that but my period is a day late however it used to be irregular .i had sex a week after I was done ovulating mid april. he used a condom the whole time minus like 2 "pumps" but he didnt cum durring that. I was supposed to get my period yesterday however ive been extremely stresses. All the signs I have are usually what I get before my period but idk it would be great for your opinions!
Asked May 12, 2014
Hello! Firstly I need to know how old you are so I can give you my opinion, thanks.
Answered May 12, 2014
Im newly 18 years old
Okay let me explain something, you said he used a condom minus 2 pumps but he didn't cum. A lot of the time semen can slip out, it happens, without you noticing. I know it sound weird but hey thats how sex works. I personally doubt you are, things sound normal. But it would be a good idea to meet a consultant at a sex clinic.
I get that, I mean I just dont feel pregnant like im bot bloated ive lost weight, no morning sickness, very energized and active, no stomach pains, just am a little irritable not bad and my skin got bad but those normally happen when I get my period but its a day late now so im probably just freaking myself out and wanted to know what everyone else thought.

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