What song am I thinking of?

Okay, so the song How Country Feels by Randy Houser reminds me of another song but I can't figure out what song it is. The part where it goes, "Put your hair down, hair down," and the,"Shoes off, kick'em off," is what tugs at my memory. The song I'm thinking of is most likely a country song, if not then a classic rock song. But I have been known to know a song lyric long before the song is created (freaky, right?), but not usually years before like this occasion.
Another song I can't remember is a classic rock song, it was about wishing someone would get nightmares, or having nightmares, or something. I really can't remember much about it. I think the singer's voice was a little rough, but I can't be sure.
Thanks for any answers, and I'm typing this on my IPod, so if there are any spelling or grammar errors I apologize.
Asked May 11, 2014

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