Please help me I'm so confused

I told one of my friends I liked her over a year ago, she still ignores me and treats me like shit, hasn't said anything to me yet we are both in a friendship group together. She says to my other friends she hates me yet she has no reason to. All my other friends say she's being ridiculous and they don't know how she's held a grudge this long
What should I do? Why does she hate me so much? Should I talk to her?
Asked May 10, 2014
Maybe she is trying to not like you. Maybe talk to her or just ignore her when she is mean to you.
Answered May 10, 2014
That could be the case, it would explain the fact that she only tells your friends she doesn't like you. Also the fact that she hangs out in a group with you and hasn't done anything rash, could make it that she is trying not to like you. If your nice to her, se might come around instead of if you ignore her. Doing that will give her a reason to hate you. Sorry for typos
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