How to get rid of stretch marks?

I used to do loads of exercise diving,running, cross country and athletics and the odd zumba lesson but then I stopped as soon as I got to secondary school because of the work load so I put on weight I've lost it now but I still have stretch marks on the back of my legs hips butt and thighs (it sucks) and I feel really self conscious when I'm getting dressed fo p.e and I feel like I have to wear jeans constantly and I can't wear shorts which is annoying cos I'm going to london for the summer and it's ment to be the hottest on record.
so please what are some home made remidies for getting rid of them
Asked May 08, 2014
Yea.. STRETCH MARKS SUCK!! I am a very tall girl ( I grew VERY tall at a small age) and I'm just like you I play like 10 sports. So I know how you feel. My mom gave me advice about getting rid of them she said that to think of stretch marks as a dry desert with lots of cracks in the ground ( The cracks are stretch marks) She said that if I fill the cracks with water then you couldn't see them. Lol I asked what the water was and she said lotion so everyday for the past 2 weeks I have been putting lotion on my stretch marks and they have been slowly fading. Also I heard old Vicks Vapor rub works REALLY good. I didn't use it because I have sensitive skin. hope I helped :)

<3<3 Angelic

P.s. Who cares what people think!? If they make fun of you or look at you weird just be like Bish please you're face looks worse than these stretch marks!! Plus if they make fun of you that is a sign of insecurities in the person that is making fun of you.
Answered May 08, 2014
Thank you that helped so much :D
beth456 May 09, 2014
No problem! :)
Laser Stretch Mark Removal is the one option you can go for to get rid of unwanted stretch marks. Rather than going for other natural remedies like cucumber and lemon juice, cocoa butter etc. But if you use it, it can take time and may not help you gain your old look back. So, if you want a quick and effective solution, go for stretch mark removal laser treatment with the help of any licensed dermatologist. I would suggest going for this one:
Answered Mar 11, 2019
Apply a mixture of coconut oil and fresh aloe vera on stretch marks.
Answered Mar 12, 2019

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