Without surgery, how to treat the tubal blockage

How to cure the tubal blockage? With the rapid development of modern medicine, there are many ways can make a recovery. So many people wonder that without surgery, what we can do to treat the tubal blockage.

According to Dr.lee, the frequently anti-inflammatory injections can easily lead to the drug resistance, especially in nowadays´╝î the antibiotics are widely used. These drugs make the right environment for the resistance. As we all know, the best time for surgery is six months pregnant, so if you miss this opportunity, then the inflammation can easy to attack the fallopian tubes again. Relative to the surgery which can cause a high rate of recurrence, Fuyan pills will be a good solution to Western medicine treatment. It has a good effect on the tubal blockage. Fuyan pill is a kind of medicine hold the function of detoxification and blood circulation. Besides, it owns a strong bactericidal capacity, and anti-fibrotic and anti-proliferation, it is the effective medicine for you to cure female tubal blockage.

Above all, without surgery, you can choose the Fuyan pill to have a try. It is the traditional medicine while without side effect and high expensive.
Asked May 07, 2014

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