My 11 year old wants to be little and never grow up

My 11 yer old son wants to never grow and be 5 again. He cries everyday and one day I told him to enjoy the present, did not help, then I told him that you can be a kid as an adult, didn't help. The I told him there are many possibilities as an adult, did not help. He said he wants to remember his toys and childhood stores. But sadly I threw out his first stuffed animal that he loves.Blockbuster and kb toys closed down too, and that has traumatized him. Do I need help from a professional please help
Asked May 06, 2014
Edited May 06, 2014
Yes.. I would say take him to a Psychiatrist and see if its anything mental or just a phase threw his life. If you can try to have a conversation with him and tell him that holding stuff in the past won't help him, also ask him why he wants to hold on to the old when there is so much new to explore. Hope I helped :)

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Answered May 06, 2014
Poor kid. Introduce him to girls- or guys. Yeah he-ll move on to a akward stage but atlast he move on.
Answered Mar 31, 2020

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