Why do I always worry, and why am I so self conscious?

I need help with one thing in particular, I get jealous when my girlfriend posts pictures on her Instagram. I know it's silly, but I do. I told her about it and she said she would stop just for me because she doesn't want to impress guys, just me. But Everytime she doesn't post a pic for a while I feel bad and say its fine if she does, when it's really not okay. Help please 😅
Asked May 05, 2014
Nothing in life is permanent. Enjoy it while it lasts and don't hold people too tight or sooner or later they may feel suffocated. Try and achieve a sense of letting go and letting be and accepting situations as they present themselves. Raising your own self belief, and self esteem through various ways will help you overcome the fear of losing her. She chose to be with you for you so even in the worst case if things dont work out, you could find someone else better or equally good...cz well u r awesome :D
Answered May 05, 2014
Sounds like a you problem.

Jealousy is a big ugly mess that destroys relationships and can progress to other nasty issues.

As it stands now, nothing has happened to be abusive. But as soon as you ask error not to see her male friends, or stop talking to guys that hit on her, or get mad at her when she does those things, you will have crossed the line into abuse.

The best possible thing you can do is work on your own self esteem, because that's where the real problem is coming from.

You need to know in your whole self that you are awesome and don't need to be jealous because it doesn't matter what she does, she's going to come to you anyways.
Answered Jun 01, 2016
Well, Bruv! to be honest.. everyone goes through that! its nothing to worry about, and your girlfriend must have felt the same way! you need to communicate, Don't end this because of whatever is holding you back. Just tell her how you feel
Hope this helps
Answered Mar 23, 2017
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