Friendzoned after she tells me she likes me?

Right I am soooo confused right now and need help badly. I have this "friend" that I have known for 4 years and we are very close and in the second year of knowing eachother we dated for a while the we lost contact because I was forced to move by family I was 16 at the time but now I got back in contact with her and it's like I never left. She then text me when she was on a night out saying she hates me for leaving her and not talking to her after I left and that she really likes me still, but heres the catch I went to visit her recently and we got on like two pees in a pod we are actually perfect for eachother, however on my way home I start feeling depressed about leaving her behind again and after a long conversation she friendzoned me, I need help I can't leave this alone what should I do I need her in my life, is being friends the only way?
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Anonymous User
Asked May 05, 2014
Talk to her about how you feel
Answered May 08, 2014
You need to tell her that you had made a massive mistake leaving her in the first place and that you will try your best to make it work the second time around. Tell her that you miss her and that you were a fool for leaving her behind (Not calling you a fool personally just saying it would help if you called yourself that) Good luck
Answered May 08, 2014
That's the thing I'm not sure she is even interested :-/

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