Im in love with my boyfriend and his bestfriend?

Im in love with my boyfriend and his bestfriend. My boyfriend, (lets call him Jay) I have been dating for a while and I love him to bits but I also have feelings for John (his bestfriend). Jay knows that I used to like him and John but he doesnt think that I like John anymore. John know that I like him and Jay but he was the one who gave up his happiness for his bestfriend as they both like me. I called John earlier today because he wanted to tell me something so I was asking "what did you want to tell me? what? what? what?' and he says nothing I just wanted to hear your beautiful voice and hes always saying pickup lines making me feel special. But Jay doesnt really do all that but when he does its quite cute. Im not sure if I should break up with Jay for John or stay with Jay because I love both of them but I dont want to ruin their friendship?
Asked May 05, 2014
Stick to Jay and mention explicitly to John to find a gf and not to flirt with you. Fidelity is a great human quality.
Answered May 06, 2014
Thank you :)
Sort out your feelings, I know it tis hard. XD Stay strong.
Answered May 26, 2014

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