My friend is so full of herself

OMG my friend is so damn full of herself . She literally compliments herself and thinks she's better than everyone and my and other friends just absolutely hate it !!! One day she was like "OMG I look just like Ariana grande I mean we could be twins and I sing just like her too!" And no ... No she's doesn't ... Once these 2 girls were taking a selfie and she's like "we all know I take the best selfies " and then she's did this giggle that is so annoying and she was like "look at this pic of me I look so pretty and look how many likes I got I should be famous" and she was showin of her iPhone and was like " what time is it *looks at clock* wait why am I looking at the clock I have an iPhone duh *annoying giggle* " and she is so ungrateful to she was talking crap about her own parents she's like " my parents are so stupid like ugh they're so dumb and I was asking them if I can a new case and they said no like I'm their only daughter they should be buying me stuff *giggle* " and she doesn't just talk crap about her parents she talks crap about other peoples parents she says "did u see that girls hat it's so ugly her parents must be so cheap " and there's a lot more the list of compliments she gives herself are endless but how do I tell her to shut the fuck up and stop being full of herself
Asked May 04, 2014
I believe you should tell her that You are annoyed of the way she is constantly complimenting herself. Its good to do but doing it alot gets really annoying. Im not jealous or anything its just really annoying and your my friend. Its also rude what you say about other people and I want it to stop please. If she still does it and just says your jealous it may be time to find new friends.
Answered May 04, 2014

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