Confused on academic path to take within the next 2 years? - 19 year old college sophomore?

Okay so I am a marketing major just finishing my first year of college at a private NAIA school in Ohio with a 3.6 GPA. I did good in high school prior to coming here (3.5 in high school and 24 on ACT) but the school I am at only gives athletic scholarships, so my good high school grades didn't really matter. I got accepted by good schools in Ohio my senior year: Miami University, Ohio University, OSU but I wanted to play baseball and settled here with a 1/3 expense paid athletic scholarship. After breezing through my first year classes I am starting to feel the need to be challenged. I understand "it's only my first year and it will get harder" but the school that I currently attend is very easy (You don't even need an ACT score to get accepted) and I want a degree from a good university that will get me good internships, job opportunities, etc. My dream has always been to be a marketing research analyst in California for a big brand company. Ohio does not have the job opportunities for me when I graduate so I need to settle in somewhere that does prior to graduation. California has the highest employment opportunities for job opportunities in the marketing field. My dilemma is course credits transferring; my school is on quarters and only about 20% of my credits would transfer if decided to go to a business school elsewhere.
My plan is to take the summer quarter and finish with my associates degree in marketing by fall quarter. From there I plan to move to California, rent an apartment, and pay my student loans for a year before going back to college with in state tuition to get my bachelors or a separate major (since I resided within Cal for a year). I think it would be a good idea to get my feet wet in my profession so I can relate the text to in field experience. What do you guys think? Any advice is helpful!
Asked May 04, 2014
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