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So we have been dating; we met online and we are at a point where we both are interested in marrying(in general, not each other necessarily). We seem to like each other and have dated...and I like her and feel she would make a great I proposed to her recently...and she hasn't replied yet..for 4 days. I haven't talked to her yet as I was ok with her taking her time. BUT the fact is that she seems to be under a lot of pressure recently and soon after my proposal, her search has gone frantic(online) and she is either trying to see what else is out there before she commits or trying to find better as she is insecured. We both live in India. I am fine with whatever she chooses but it is kind of annoying and disturbing to be wait listed. I am hoping to ask her again after 15 days but this is getting difficult so I don't know how to handle this exactly. I don't want to put thoughts into her head so I want to let her take her time but also I wonder why would I want to be with someone all my life who has second thoughts about me?
Asked May 04, 2014
Edited May 04, 2014
Im sure she is only giving second thoughts because as you said she was under alot of pressure. If she is under that much maybe give it another year before you propose again. For now though you dont know so you should wait. If by 15 days she doesnt respond then just say you will give it more time.
Answered May 04, 2014

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