Why would a mother allow a 40-year-old man to have sex with her

Why would a mother allow a 40-year-old man to have sex with her 16-year-old daughter, if she consents? She knows that he will not face statuary rape charges, because law enforcement explained her the law?
Asked May 03, 2014
Because she's not one of those mothers who babies her children and treats them like they don't have the mental capacity to make decision on their own.

Because maybe she is not one of those controlling mothers who have to have a say in everything her children do, even spying on her kids in every possible way that she can imagine, just to get the scoop on what her kids are up to.

Because she's a mother who knows the importance of giving her kids a sold foundation on the realities of life, knowing fully well that no amount of learning from books, class room instruction, the experience of other peoples opinion even that of her own, well ever be enough to fully compensate the vast knowledge needed to succeed in this dog eat dog world, and only through experience itself can her daughter fully understand and appreciate that experience is the best teacher of all.

Because maybe she knows that the old mind set to keep children innocent only hurts and stunts their cognitive growth and leaves them vulnerable and open to many dangers and problems, because the reality of innocence is that it is nothing more then ignorance a lack of basic knowledge and wisdom, leading to a powerless individual incapable of survival in a predatory world but on the other hand knowledge is power and so we say that ignorance is no excuse.
Answered Jul 08, 2015
The same reasons she would allow it if her daughter was 28.
Answered May 14, 2014

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