Why was my ex boyfriend >friends calling me and why was they calling my ex boyfriend too?

Well my ex boyfriend and I have 9 month that we decided to break up but there is no reason why we decide to break up. We see each other at school but we don`t talk to each other but we are both friends. my ex boyfriend > friend are my friend too. Well to be honest I still have feeling for my ex boyfriends. My ex boyfriends does not know that I Still have feeling for him because every time I am around him at school I pretend he is not even there and I have been ignore him. I ready don`t know why his friends call me and him too at the same time for. Because his friends and I have a long time that we don`t talk to each other too. Hint: When his friend call me I did pay a little attention to them but when they stated to call my ex boyfriend , I started to walk away and ignore them when they call my name. please answer my questions as and fast as possible.
Asked May 03, 2014
Edited May 03, 2014
Well you said you were all friends when you both went out so of course the friends are going to call you both to hang out they want the group to stay the same even if you guys arent together
Answered May 17, 2014

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