Why am I afraid of losing my boyfriend to another woman?

He started off seeing me every day and wanted me there everyday. Now I feel he only wants to talk to me and see me when he wants. He complains about everything I do.i don't have a say in anything. I'm constantly on egg shells and he hits me a few times a month. He threatens to kill me, hurt me or do things to get me gone. He sometimes talks about his ex how he doesn't like something. She divorced him 9 years ago after he was looking constantly for another woman. He saids he cheated on her, was constantly looking because he wasn't happy but I guess when he couldn't make it work with someone or he tried to go back to her she wouldn't take him back. Now I'm dealing with similar issues where he isn't there for me and if I leave it's a no no but he can threaten to end the relationship constantly but doesn't yet and I'm not sure if he will. I feel bad for his ex wife and once in a great moon he says wife after 9 years. He's been with me a year and half of the time I do not know why I'm so afraid of losing him. He has looked at other women constantly and it's always some woman I'm fearful of losing my boyfriend to. He tells me if I don't change he will leave me. Then I change and he wants so,etching else changed. He makes me scared.

His ex wife only wants communication about the kids and doesn't want nothing more. He can't get over it because he lost control over her even though he didn't want to be with her and wasn't happy. I'm just hurt because it's been 9 years since they divorced. I feel he was just barely able to call me his girlfriend two weeks ago after I talked crap to him and I was getting tired of being with him without him acknowledging me as his girlfriend.

I don't know why I'm so scared of losing him when he never gives me security, hits me, controls me, treats me bad, doesn't tell me things, I can't ask questions and I'm just there when he wants to spend time with me. At the same time he threatens to kill me over nothing.

He has hurt me so much.
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Asked May 02, 2014
Edited May 02, 2014
people dnt understand god ways sometimes,and we do our own will,let me start with the bible,god knows your heart even before you were born,god doesnt want their kids to suffer but the problem lies with us,we see hings shown by god but we insist doing it,god tried to show you that he is not a right guy for you ,thats why ,he is hurting you,love doesnt mean pain,love is a good thing ,how can someone that loves you hurt you,it doesnt make sense,what furture do you have with that guy,god shows you ,open your eyes to see,but you youself doesnt want to open,you are ignorant,devil make you blind,thats why you need to receive jesus to open your eyes so you see whats bad and good,you have conscience to see good and bad,dnt allow yourself to be used and hurt,we think as women,we will never get someone better,but god has a plan for your life,there is good men out there ,that will accept you or treat you like a real women.you can let it go while ,its early,later it wil get worse,mark my words,i care about people,email me on [email protected] god,he wil listen.pray and leave that guy,what example is he having to others,you leave him,i know its hurting but you wil get over it.im waitng for your feedback
Answered May 10, 2014
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Answered May 26, 2015

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