Why am I getting less child support if I have more kids then other mother?

I have two children ages 4 and 3 months with my ex. He has a 6 year old with his other ex. I am only receiving 596 per month for BOTH of my kids but his other ex is getting 800 per month for their ONE child. I live in a way more expensive area, (my rent is double the amount of hers), I have two daycares to pay for and I also have to worry about my daughters insurance. He has his child on his insurance so he pays for that on top of the 800 a month for child support. My daughter isn't on his insurance and I'm still getting less then her. HOW IS THIS RIGHT??? I should be receiving more then her... Not to mention she gets help from the government as well (food stamps and WIC). I do not get ANY government assistance.... Please give me some advice of what to do!!!!
Asked Apr 29, 2014
Go get government assistance and downsize your living arrangements if it looks like she is making way less plus he might owe her back child support from years he hasn't paid it's all based on your income his and hers
Answered Mar 22, 2017
Is he making less now than he was when he was married before? It's all based on formulas, poverty threshold, the state you were married/divorced in & many other factors. They will also take into account if you work or not & contribute to your household income. It's not just cut & dry that because you have more kids you'll get more money.
Answered Dec 31, 2017
Learn to live on less, there are no rental sheds in your town?
They usually rent for around $80.00 a month and electricity is often free,
stop being a big baby.
Answered May 20, 2021

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