How to be supportive to your girlfriend when after she has an abortion?

We both agreed than an abortion would be the best thing for the both of us. She is 21, I'm 24. We don't live with each other. We met in school and are taking a class together. Lately, she has been sleeping a lot and she is very flaky, not to mention moody. That doesn't really bother me though and I can deal with that. She is having the abortion tomorrow morning and I'm going with her. I wanted to go back with her during the procedure and hold her hand and whatnot, but she wants me in the waiting room. I can accept that. I'm just wondering what to expect afterwards and what I can do to one, be there for her (attentive), and two, support her and make her comfortable.

I'm trying to man up and do the responsible thing here. I already explained to her that it's her choice if she wants to keep it or not, and I will support her decision.

Also, what do you think our relationship will be like 6 or 7 months down the road? Do you think she will want someone new or realize that I have stuck by her side through the thick and thin and am a keeper?
Asked Apr 27, 2014

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