I am just over one week late for my period.am I pregnant?

Okay, you guys are going to think that I am really stupid but, I am worried sick and scared that I am pregnant. Thing is I am a virgin? I masterbated and put Durex Lubricant (that did not belng to me) on what I used. I have gained five kilo's since then (two weeks ago) havent had my period. Haven't eaten much today, yet my stomach feels like its gone bigger and it is hard to suck in. Am I just getting too fat? I do not excersice anymore at all, due to holidays, I know...its bad. but can you's help me?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Apr 25, 2014
Take a pregnancy test, if that's not possible then there are usually local clinics you can go to for stuff like that and your business will be kept confidential, even from your parents. But if you're not pregnant, which I'm pretty sure you're not, I think you're just being paranoid and your period was probably thrown off schedule.
Answered Apr 25, 2014
My period got thrown off by a week last month too :/ I was getting way worried too xD damn Im virgin too so why do we worry if there's no chance of being preggers? XD
just wait and it will come... You're not fat... :P
Answered Apr 25, 2014

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