I think my mom thinks I'm lesbian.

Well my mom seems to think I'm lesbian ... Today in school my friend was dragging me to places around da school and was holding my hand... My mom saw I guess and in the car she said " I DON'T WANT TO SEE U HOLDING HAND WITH HER U LOOK FUCKINGG GAY AND THAT'S NOT GOOD WHAT ARE YOU LESBO OR SOMETHING IF I SEE U HOLDING HER HAND AGAIN I SWEAR I'LL RIP YOUR ARM OFF" I didn't say anything and I'm not lesbo but why does it matter if I am ... I have nothing against gay people but my mom is and its annoying cuz what if I am and I have no way to say it.. also do u think my mom was exaggerating or is It just me
Asked Apr 24, 2014
You can hold hands but I think your mom thinks that girls like your age holding hands are lesbians because I think that as we'll and I think she's over reacting but even if your a lesbian it doesn't matter
Your mom was definitely overreacting. Friends hold hands sometimes. Its no big deal. Hell, I've had friends lay their head in my lap and I would play with their hair. I'm not a lesbian either. Your mom needs a chill pill. Even if you were a lesbian, I guess I can understand any disappointment she may have because there are a lot of parents out there like that, but reacting the way she did is wrong, in my opinion. I'm not trying to bash her at all. I think you should do whatever. It's not like you're doing anything wrong. Just know that it may lead people to think that you're a lesbian. If that's something you'd be okay with, then go ahead, hold your friend's hand.
Answered Apr 24, 2014
Idc what people think but damn my mom is really needs a chill pill lol
Haha maybe try explaining to her?

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