Does anybody have any tips on how to write a "clean" sex scene for a story?

I want to leave it to the reader to imagine what happens during the actual act, but I also want to put a little foreplay in there that's not too graphic, but still kind of a turn on, if that makes any sense. I suppose I could have one of my two characters in the scene lead the other to the bedroom and stop there, but I haven't even decided that that's how I want it to begin. I may just have them already in the bedroom just talking then things start to unfold, but slowly. If it helps, let me give you a description of my characters:

Laura: 19, human, grew up without her dad. She lived with her mother, which wasn't fairytale. They were poor, Laura didn't have many friends, she did awful in school, failed a grade, always had that bad girl "I don't give a f*ck" attitude, but it was always just an act so she wouldn't show her true feelings. She has a sensitive, kind, and caring side, but not many people could bring it out of her. She lived with her mother until she died, then Laura's father decides to show up out of the blue after hearing about her mother's death and takes Laura in. He abuses her however; physically and verbally mostly.

Mason: 24, vampire, (been a vampire for over 150 years) When he was human, he was a farmer in America in the 1800's. He fell in love with a woman whose parents didn't approve of Mason. They thought he was too old for her (she was seventeen) and they wouldn't let her marry Mason. Back in those days, it was VERY looked down upon to have sex before marriage, but Mason and his love (I haven't decided on a name yet) did it. Only once though, that is until they got married. Mason always felt that physical love before marriage was OK, just so long as it's with the person you know you're meant to be with. They eloped and started to live a happy life together, until Mason got sick. There was a new doctor in town, and Mason went to him. This "doctor" was actually a vampire, and he gave Mason a shot--full of venom (aka vampire DNA) This ruined Mason. (I haven't come up with a reason as to why the "doctor" would have done this) Mason couldn't go home. A newborn vampire, he thirsted for blood. He had to leave his wife, protect her. Have her believe he was dead. (I still haven't thought up Mason's back story completely yet. I may have him give into his temptations to go after his wife as a newborn vampire and drink her blood, because I want Mason to believe himself to be a monster, so that Laura can try to get him to see that it wasn't true, that it was only in his nature, not in his heart.

So basically, Laura is a very damaged girl who just needs someone strong, but gentle (which Mason is) and what Mason needs is someone who helps him let go of his past. I want that to be brought into their love making without being so graphic. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. And if you read all that, THANK YOU!!! You're awesome :)
Asked Apr 23, 2014
Edited Apr 23, 2014
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Answered Mar 30, 2017

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