How to cook a simple pizza at home? i'm a teenage girl!and interested in making pizza!

want to learn a simple pizza at home!!!!:)
Asked Apr 21, 2014
Self raising flower, water, olive/vegetable/sunflower oil

Mix in a bowl. (pick your quantities depending on how big you want to make it.) Start with one cup of flower and just enough water to make a solid dough and about 1 tea spoon of oil. I tend to add water by the spoon full as I go.

mix well.

roll into pizza shape. Leave to settle the dough for about 1 hour covered by a towel in a warm place. (I tend to leave mine on a shelf above a radiator)

Use either tomato puree or paste of some kind as your base. (I have been known to use ketchup sometimes when i'm out of other products)

Cover in grated cheese and what ever other toppings you want.

Cook at about 180 degrees until the cheese has gone a golden colour.


Once you have got your dough sorted then experiment with other things. I found that mixing bbq sauce with your tomato puree gives an amazing bbq base.

I also like to make smaller pizzas about half the size of my hand instead of your traditional large round ones which are perfect for a buffet.

Note: the thinner you roll your base out the quicker it will cook. I try to have the base of my pizza about 0.5cm thick and that cooks at the same rate as the cheese to a perfect base. My partner prefers his pizzas thicker (nearly 3cm) and so his tend to be a little doughy in the middle.
This can be fixed. If you cook it on a lower heat for longer it will be loss doughy.
e.g. if you normally cook the thin base pizza for 15 mins at 180, then you should cook it at 150 for 25 min for thick bases.

Hope this is good for you.
Answered Apr 26, 2014
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Answered Aug 31, 2018

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