How to stop worrying and live without problems

i always worry over stupid, tiny and non important little things. like calling someone a rude word, lying, if ive done the homework right, should I be worrying and etc. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! would u worry over these things, will it be okay. how to stop worrying all the time non stop? THNX
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Apr 21, 2014
that is the only person that can help you
coleman Apr 21, 2014
let me just tell you the truth that problem you are having is a spiritual one, so the only to stop it is to contact a very high spiritual man that will help over those things, but the good news is I know of one that help my cousin out when he was having such problem, and I believe he can still help.. just email him on [email protected] and tell him what is wrong with you
thank you
Answered Apr 21, 2014
same prblm!!what to do????
Answered Apr 21, 2014
Smoke weed
Answered Apr 21, 2014

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