Should I intervene to help reconnect my fiance and his dad?

My fiance's dad and mom split when he was like 5 years old, he has moved around so much since then also had a step dad that walked out too. Now the story goes his dad is a serious drunk and his mom couldn't take it. Also he believes his dad has never attempted to contact him except one phone call when he was 18. He has tried to call and spoke to him once or twice since we started dating almost 2 years ago, but now has a non working number. I would love to see the real truth and maybe get them to meet somewhere and see each other in person but its almost like my fiance doesn't want to make the effort if his dad won't. Now I believe there is a possibility that his dad may have tried to contact him previously but his mom intercepted things. She cut him off from that entire side of the family, even grandparents!!! Now I did a people search online and found a current number and address. Should I call him or send a letter? Or should I just give him the information that I found and let him go where he wants with it? We are getting married next year and I don't want him to regret not talking to him nor inviting him. I don't know what to do! Please help!!
Asked Apr 20, 2014

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