Does my story sound too much like this other story?

I feel like my story sounds too much like either like Alice in Wonderland, or Twilight. Can someone please let me know if it does, and that I shouldn't keep it quite like it is? Thank you;

My story is about a 19 year old girl who's mother dies, so she goes to live with her father, who she has only seen once when she was five, but he didn't care too much for her, so she's hesitant to live with him, but she has no money, no house, (her mother's house had too many debts for the girl to pay, so the bank took it) and nowhere else to go. When she goes there, she hates it immediately. She's a very troubled girl. Her mother and her home was all she had, and now it was all taken from her, leaving her to be a pretty bitter person. Living with her father was no fairytale, either. He abused her physically, verbally, and emotionally. After living in a new environment with new people for a while, she meets Mason. Mason is the only person who really strikes her interest, because he has impossibly piercing blue eyes, and he doesn't act like everyone else. He doesn't go to her school, and he's only around during the night. He really stands out to her. Laura, the girl, is persistent to know who he is and what his story is, so she decides to follow him one night into the woods, and watches him take a strange path, about as far away from civilization as one can get, and goes where he goes. She finds herself literally in a whole other world, full of all sorts of creatures. There are mermaids, witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, ghosts of others who have died, but not yet cross over, and others. She finds out that mason is a vampire.

Long story short, they fall in love, but humans were not allowed in that world where Mason lived. (I haven't come up with a name yet) Only if you were one of those creatures, or dead and turned into a spirit. Mason refuses to turn Laura into a vampire, because my vampires have no soul, therefore if they die, there's nothing for them. They are the only things that can't cross over to neither hell nor heaven, and Mason won't have that happen to her. Laura is forced out of the world, back to her own, and for assurance that she doesn't go back, the location of the portal to the world is removed and placed elsewhere in the human world. It's attached to the human world in the first place, because humans can become vampire, or spirit. Other humans may even find out that they have magic abilities, and become witches or warlocks. That's what happens to Laura. After returning home to her father, he continues his abuse and she tries to fight him off, realizing that she can do magic. She returns to the world, and there's actually a war that happens, but I'm not going to go into all that detail. Let's just say that Laura and Mason fight in it. (On the same side, of course)
Asked Apr 16, 2014
I mean it may have the same main idea as other stories. But I think you're story has a special spark to it!!Lol I would totally read this book (I'm into Realistic Fantasy)

Answered Apr 17, 2014
Thank you! I'm writing it for an online contest. If you want, I could give you the link to it once it's finished.
Yes please!!! I would LOVE to hear the end :)
Well I'm not really into twilight or Alice in wonderland, but I would read this book o.o I think it's a great idea^.^
Answered Apr 17, 2014
Thank you! I'm writing it for an online contest. If you want, I could give you the link to it once it's finished
That would be great, thank you! :)

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